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Use an independent agent to secure your transaction

When buying a property you found buy yourself, never do the deal with the agent of the seller. There are a lot of scams where he can be involved and it is highly recommended to have your own agent checking all the details.

For instance, he should check for you

  • the type of building (eg. wooden, reinforced concrete, or mixed structure) which can change the value of the property by several million RUB
  • the flat configuration (a change in the plan, not approved by the authorities, will oblige you to put back the flat to the norms and pay a strong penalty)
  • the ownership documents, and registration list (not to face major issues when buying and/or reselling the property)
  • the health check of the seller(s). If you don’t have the proper documents from a doctor certifying the good mental health of the seller, you have the risk to give back the property upon demand of the previous owner
  • etc…

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