Our offer

What services can we provide to you ?


We now offer you some services, in Moscow and Moscow region, in 3 main areas

1. Rental: we search or set your property for rent
         -after handing over your keys during the process, we take care of everything
         -and as we don't work with reverse commissions, your transaction is faster than with other agencies

2. Purchase: we help you to acquire or sale your property
         -we can find your dream homemuch faster than other agencies, as we don't work with reverse commissions
         -we secure your transaction by providing all hidden information on the building,
         -we investigate on the saler's situation, and collect all the document to guarantee the transaction
         -we also have specific searches for investors, to provide high returns on round-trip transactions or buy-to-let operations

3. Management: we fully manage your property, so that it is not becoming a burden when you far from it or if you just don't want to spend time on it. This includes
         - contacts with the tenant
         - control of the premises
         - check of utilities and meters
         - payment of expenses
         - insurance management
         - legal actions
         - maintenance of the premises
         -support for tax declaration and optimization


We provide free general information and taylor-made advices to help foreigners to manage their real estate in Russia


My Russian Estate was created by foreigners and russians for non-russians, in order to make the real estate market accessible


We know the russian market since many years and are experts in each area


We work in full transparency with our customers and share our insights

Fran├žois Simon

Fran├žois is specialist in residential estate and aims to help foreigners having some real estate projects in Russia.

Phone: +7 (965) 444 98 79
Email: info@myrealestate.ru